A New Way to Combat High Drug Costs

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Increasing drug costs and shortages of medications have created issues for both patients and pharmacies. Simply switching to a generic medication is no longer a guarantee of affordability, as many generic medications have seen steep price increases in recent years.

Last year a group of hospitals, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, joined together to form a non-profit generic drug company called Civica Rx to provide stability to the market for generic drugs. The new company has already attracted a lot of interest from healthcare systems representing around 500 hospitals all over the United States, and has added several new members in addition to the original founding group. Philanthropic organizations will provide support for the company as well.

The initial efforts will focus on providing 20 hospital-administered generic drugs with the goals of reducing costs and providing predictable supplies, i.e. avoiding drug shortages that put patients at risk. Civica expects to have its first drug products available later this year. In the coming 3-5 years it expects to offer up to 100 medications.

If the company is successful, this could be a welcome change in the drug market which often favors profits over health.

For more info see https://civicarx.org/about/

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